Making It On Broadway has helped more than 500 students to pursue their dreams of getting accepted to top conservatories, standing out at auditions, and performing on and off Broadway. Here's what they have to say about Making It On Broadway:

Student, Making it on Broadway

I've learned more in one week than I did in four years of college! 

Emma Sonenblum, 

Student at Making it on Broadway

"Making It On Broadway is one of the best experiences I've had while studying theatre. It gave me the chance to improve upon myself and my material, work with people I've idolized for years, and meet people my age who are as serious about theatre as I am. It was definitely a life changing program and I'm so glad I was able to attend! I truly believe any person looking to pursue musical theatre would love and benefit from experience."

Erika Henningsen,

Broadway star and former Making it on Broadway student

Relationships you make at Making it on Broadway last a lifetime!  My best friend and I met at Making It On Broadway and we're still best friends today.

Lena Rodriguez,

Student at Making it on Broadway

"Making It On Broadway was, at it's core, a truly life changing experience. I have learned about theatre and most importantly self-discovery as an actor over the course of only one week. I absolutely loved my time at MIOB and I recommend it to any actor that is serious about perfecting their craft."

Erika Henningsen, Mean Girls

"I still remember things that I learned at that age that I STILL teach... The classes are so small. Every student gets 15 minutes, you can get so much done in 15 minutes" 

Laura Osnes, Cinderella 

"They're so eager and they're so talented and I'm astounded at the level of talent here at Making It On Broadway." 

Leslie Kritzer, Beetlejuice

"All of the songs you suggested for them to do are age appropriate, they show their personalities, they have a bunch of different selections..." 

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